What I’ve learned from my first few LEAD cases at Harvard Business School

TED Conference Leadership HBS Harvard

Amy Cuddy, Harvard Business School professor, at TED

Not all leadership looks the same; there is no prescribed formula for what makes a good leader. Rudi Gassner believed that there are many pathways to success, so a leader is best served by being him or herself. As I think about what that means for me, I believe I am a person that values impact on individual lives and honesty. I strive to maximize my impact on people by taking time to coach and mentor and listening, truly listening.  I will create room for others to coach and mentor me as well. If Paul Nasr had been more proactive in coaching Rob Parson, the damage done to their relationship could have been avoided and Parson may have been able to be promoted earlier. In addition, I want to be honest always. I want to demonstrate vulnerability by demonstrating my true feelings when asked and encouraging others to do the same. I hope not to sacrifice this for tact, pride, or fear.