Researching MBA Programs?

Researching MBA programs can be a daunting task. Most of the time you are better off talking to someone live. Traveling MBA fairs is one way to get in front of several MBA programs without the need to travel far.

Check out the QS World MBA Tour. They offer tour stops all around the world including 23 currently scheduled in the US and Canada alone.

tour stops

While there you can receive an admissions’ profile view, learn about GMAT Prep, get your resume checked, and visit the 30+ schools in attendance (depending on your location).


Learn more or Register here.


MBA Planning – The Overview

To begin with the MBA application process each candidate has to go through some basic rules, thus each B- schools have their own standard procedure to obtain students. These includes… GMAT/GRE score and GPA Professional Experience Community Experience Personal Profile Fit for you Formula The GMAT There is no doubt that your GMAT score or […]