The Key to Business School

In my quest to prepare for business school I recently read a book by three graduates of a top US MBA program. I’m glad I did because Mastering the MBA changed how I’ll measure success at business school. That revelation is the subject of this week’s post. *** By the time you sit down at your first MBA […]

Business models in B-School career services

Most top business schools breed their students for a career in consulting or financial services (which is slowly being displaced by high tech and entrepreneurial opportunities). Entry into both these industries requires rigorous preparation in terms of professional networking skills, resume reviews and interview preparation (not to mention certain passports). Business School rankings are determined by […]

2015 Most Desired Employers by U.S. Business Students

Universum is the global leader in employer branding. Annually, it conducts student surveys to determine their ideal employers. In Part 1 of our two posts on these surveys, U.S. undergraduate and MBA business student surveys are highlighted. In Part 2, global/foreign students will be highlighted. The 2015 Universum U.S. Undergraduate Student Survey results are based […]