HBS Interview Invites, Practice Makes Perfect

HBS interview style is unique in many ways.  First, it is exactly 30 minutes, not 31, not 29.  This means you need to be very strategic on ensuring your best examples of leadership and impact make it into those 30 minutes.  This will be a really quick interview, not only because it is 30 minutes, but also, because the interviewer will set a break-neck pace.  Next, HBS interviews are usually done by an admissions counselor who has read your entire application.  They will approach the conversation strategically, trying to gather information to fill in the gaps left from your application.  They will go deep.  Sure, “walk me through your resume” is a common starting point, but from there expect rehearsed and interviewee specific questions.  Finally, HBS uses an interviewer and observer model.  Your conversation will be mostly with the interviewer and the observer may not ask any questions at all.  Either way it is a different dynamic with three people in the room and that deep breath you like to take while the interviewer is writing or your nervous habit of playing with your hair will be noticed.  It isn’t a deal breaker, but it isn’t nothing either.  This interviewing style is something you are not used to, so I recommend finding someone who is familiar with this style to help practice.

In celebration of HBS sending out the first group of Round 1 invites this week, we have lowered our price for Mock Interviews to just $99.  Get it now before it is too late.  Purchases are also good for Round 2 or other schools!


MBA Admission Service

MBA  Admission Service

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