The Cost of Living in Boston:  A List of Monthly Expenses

Having come from Indianapolis, maybe the cheapest of the top 20 cities, moving to Boston has been an adjustment for my wallet.  Folks coming from New York or San Francisco are excited by Boston’s slightly less expensive cost of living. Here’s the monthly breakdown:

  • Rent $2634 for 900 sq. ft. 2 Bedroom 1 Bath
  • Air Conditioning $500 per summer
  • Parking $299 
  • Car Insurance $100
  • License and registration $30
  • Renter Insurance $20
  • Public Transportation about $4 per person per trip downtown
  • Uber averages around $18-20, depending on length of trip. Taxis and rides to the airport are more.
  • Tolls are $1.25 on I-90 every few miles. Tolls to the airport are more expensive.
  • Direct flight to Indianapolis is $180 per passenger (one way)
  • Restaurants about $35 for a family of 3 at a moderate restaurant and $60 for a nice dinner out.
  • Health Insurance Premium is $190 per month for me to keep my current plan, significantly more if I had switched to Harvard’s plan
  • Groceries $500 for my family of three
  • Laundry $3.50 per load or $40 per month
  • Internet, electricity, and trash pickup are included in rent
  • Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are $20 per month
  • We do not have cable
  • Tuition, Books, and Fees are due up front and are $70,000 per year (luckily offset by sponsorship)
  • Ticket to HBS party $25 per person
  • Beer at the local pub $5-7
  • Having Harvard on your resume after graduation…Priceless (at least I am hoping)

One thought on “The Cost of Living in Boston:  A List of Monthly Expenses

  1. I grew up in a suburb 10 min from Boston. MA in general is a very expensive state to live in. I can see why it could be quite an adjustment for others! Great post!

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