My Interview with Cornell (Johnson) by MBA Manual

MBA Manual

My last interview took place at the Johnson School of Management at Cornell University.  Since it was my final interview, I had my answers to the general interview questions (“Tell me about yourself” “Why an MBA?” “Why now?” etc.) down cold, and only had to focus on answering the more specific questions regarding Johnson.

The interview was on the Cornell campus, which is obviously very beautiful, but also a bit intimidating.  A nice feature of the Johnson interview process is that they offer you the chance to sit in on a live MBA class and/or take a walking tour of the campus while there.  I opted for the class, which was very informative in terms of showing me what a typical class session would be like at the school.  If you interview at Cornell, I highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity.

Anyway, let’s take a step back to my interview…

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